Pedicure is a professional treatment and general care of feet and nails.



Pedicure is a professional treatment and general care of feet and nails.

  • Removal of rough skin, tears, bruises, and chicken eyes (corn).
  • Including cutting, grinding, nail cleaning, and tackling overgrown nails
  • If carried out as a preventive medicine at regular intervals, it helps prevent excessive skin roughness, callus and chicken eyes (corn), overgrown nails
  • Improving the overall condition of the skin and nails on the feet
  • Feet salt bath with candlestick relaxes mind, relieving muscle fatigue
  • Massage after pedicure stimulates blood circulation, it is relaxing and hydrates your feet
  • After pedicure, your skin feels soft and smooth, which is an aesthetic necessity

Nevertheless, we do not pay enough attention that they definitely deserve. The health of our feet is extremely important for the quality of our lives. Let us take care of our feet today as the rest of the body, and they will carry us tomorrow.

Types of pedicures that perform in the pedicure salon:


It is a combination - choosing and combining the best of the classic wet and medical pedicure. It is the most complicated but at the same time the most effective treatment for the foot. It is the type of pedicure my customers demand the most. If tried once, you would try again and basically never leave ...

Why it is so excellent?

  • Disinfection and short diagnostics of the feet
  • 15-min feet bath and relax
  • Drying your feet
  • Removing rough skin on the feet with a disposable scalpel blade

And here we go smoothly to medical pedicure

  • Cutting, finishing, nail and nail waves cleaning, nail skin treatment, sharpening of high rough nails – using a device designed to perform medical pedicure (this cannot be addressed only by the wet pedicure)
  • If necessary, removing chicken eyes (corn) with a special milling machine using the device - the device allows in-depth cutting of the chicken eye (corn), which is almost infeasible in wet pedicure
  • Excellent smoothening of the entire foot with the device to achieve complete perfection. With the device and with a special milling cutter, the dry places on your feet where the scalpel cannot be used are smoothened. These are places with very thin but dry and scaly skin.
  • Complete disinfection of the entire foot
  • Also nail polish in this phase, if interested
  • Creaming and short mini-massage of feet


  • For diabetic clients
  • For elderly or immobile clients - since these clients have very low or totally limited mobility, there is no assumption of rusting or cracking of the skin, in most cases the dry pedicure is completely sufficient


Or on request of the customer

This kind of treatment is not offered as a separate procedure..

Professional foot care in a pedicure salon every 4-6 weeks, all year round is recommended - not only due to aesthetics but also in winter.

In winter, feet are the most stressed because they are almost always in the closed footwear.

Feet should also be cared for in the home environment. Feet must always be under control, like the other parts of your body.


  • Wash your feet every day with soap and warm water. Check them while washing - notice any changes on the feet, nails, skin between the fingers - notice the cracked skin, it can be itchy, painful. Cracked skin between the fingers is an entry gate for fungal infections, which often affect nails when not treated. Treatment of nail mycosis is a long-term and very demanding procedure.
  • Use your own towel to dry your feet - wipe only your feet, but not other body parts
  • Remember to let the skin between your fingers dry - using a disposable paper towel that you will throw away after use is recommended. It is the skin between the fingers (mostly the fourth intermediate space) that is most commonly attacked by moulds. Many people do not even know they have moulds between their fingers, often the pedicurist notify them.
  • Use cream regularly. Creams are recommended for nutrition, hydration and disinfection of feet
  • At least once a week, drench your feet in a salt or medical herbal bath. Have the rough skin on the foot dry first and then rubbed by the grinder - the skin is rubbed dry, not wet and then the foot is soaked into the bath, followed by cutting and cleaning the nails and finally the sole is creamed
  • Wear high quality cotton socks and always keep your foot dry
  • Wear quality - quality leather shoes with a properly moulded insole and the right width is a must. The footwear must not press in any place.

Shoe width for correct selection:

- F06-narrow slim foot
- G07 - standard, the most widely used Central European width, unfortunately in our stores the least available
- H08 - wider type, winter boots
- I09 - wider type, working or hunting shoes
- K10 - non-standard foot

  • The care of footwear must not be neglected. With proper care and maintenance of footwear, we extend its life and quality. Only dry shoes should be worn. They should be regularly disinfected with a disinfectant spray and left to dry. Shoes should be changed, do not wear one pair for longer period. Check the heels, they must not be broken or worn – there is a risk of health problems
  • In no way wear foreign shoes or slippers when visiting!
  • Foot moulds are caused by contact of the skin with the cause of the disease, so never walk barefoot in common areas such as showers, saunas, swimming pools, dressing rooms, gymnasiums and unfortunately even in your own bathroom if your family member struggles with this problem
  • Each member of the family should have its own pedicure tools such as scissors, cribs, and grinders
  • Regularly disinfect the bath


Diabetics must adhere to a day-to-day disciplinary care of their feet. If they are unable to take care of their feet themselves, it is extremely important for family members to help them.

Prevention is the most important factor in diabetics; a regular daily care of the feet includes:

Foot hygiene, professional medical pedicure without the risk of injuring the skin, treating any (even a small) abrasion on the feet, wearing the right footwear and socks which must be seamless.



selection of the most suitable foot care method in order to meet the customer´s requirements and needs



after agreement with immobile clients I work also in the field, in the facilities for seniors and the operation has barrier-free access



I also work in early morning and late evening hours, so as to meet the needs of my customers and their time comfort.

Selected price list items


Combined pedicure 20 EUR

Treatment of overgrown nails 5 EUR

Pedicure in a Senior House / Social Services facility 16 EUR

Pedicure on wheels (Trnava and the surrounding area of up to 20 km) 30 EUR


One-colour polish 2 EUR

French nail polish 2 EUR

Making a replacement nail plate 10 EUR

Paraffin foot wrap 10 EUR

* The price list is valid from 1 May 2020

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